Our Services

Manufacture and Assembly
Our manufacturing facility is supported by state of the art machinery, including machines that have been specifically designed to suit our range of products. Our fully trained and qualified operators conduct comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure down time is kept to a minimum and quality is of the highest standard.

As well as being able to offer individual materials and components AA Roller Shutter Doors also has the ability to supply fully assembled custom-made roller shutters. Due to our efficient and productive assembly operation, you can be assured of a quick and efficient turnaround time.

Supply and Distribution
Our despatch department ensures that all orders are carefully packaged to ensure complete protection throughout the delivery process. Our dedicated distribution team has extensive knowledge of all the transport options and can arrange delivery on time, every time.

In order to simplify and standardise the process for ordering Materials and Assembled Shutters, AA Roller Shutter Doors has developed a simple and accurate ordering program that is made available to our valued customers
Sales and Marketing
Our sales & marketing team offer our valued customers after sales service as well as assistance with point of sale material, technical information, product brochures, sales tools and advertising assistance.

Sales and Maintenance
Our sales & maintenance team offer our valued customers after sales service as well as maintenace, emergency repairs and technical information.