AA Roller Shutter Doors

AA Roller Shutter Doors

Manufactured from attractive and durable aluminium to last longer. 
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About us

Roller Shutters have been available in the world for more than 30 years. Originally made from timber, then PVC, with the latest designs manufactured from aluminium ensuring a longer life span especially against ultra-violet rays and ever-changing climate.

Our team at AA Roller Shutter Doors are experienced in all aspects of the Roller Shutter industry. We recognise that our staff are a major asset of the business and therefore, training and ongoing development assume a high priority.  Read more

Our Services

Aluminium roller shutters are popular worldwide, but also:

Enhances the appearance of your home
Adds value to your property
Welcomed by the insurance industry
Provides a powerful psychological crime barrier
Less maintenance required
Lifelong service
Additional heat insulation, saving heating costs and keeps the house cosy
Acts as an acoustic insulator thereby reducing noise levels
Protects the interior from sun glaze, heat and UV damage
Property 90% cooler in summer and 50% warmer in winter
Complete privacy when you need it and an unobstructed view when you want it
No daylight can slip in for anyone who needs darkness in the day
UV resistant
Easy to clean
      Manufacturing & Assembly
      Manufacturing & Assembly
      Our state of the art machinery includes machines specifically designed to suit our range of products. To ensure downtime is kept to a minimum, and our quality is of the highest standard, our fully ... Read more
      Supply & Distribution
      Supply & Distribution
      Our despatch department ensures that all orders are carefully packaged and protected throughout the delivery process. 

      Our dedicated distribution team has extensive knowledge of all the transport ...
       Read more
      To simplify and standardise ordering materials and assembled shutters, we've developed a simple and accurate ordering system that's made available to our valued customers.

      Sales & Marketing
      Sales & Marketing
      Our sales and marketing team offer our valued customers after sales services as well as assistance with point of sale material, technical information, product brochures, sales tools and advertising.
      Sales & Maintenance
      Sales & Maintenance
      Our sales & maintenance team offer our valued customers after sales service as well as maintenance, emergency repairs and technical information.

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